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OWO - Druid Order of WhiteOak
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Blessed by Druids
Blessed by Druids

Order of WhiteOak

The Order of WhiteOak is the on-line home of the Reconstructionist Druid organization, Ord na Darach Gile and our friends.

Our tripartite mission is:

In particular, we wish to apply the ethical insights we derive from the ancient Celtic past to contemporary concerns; environmental and ecological issues, human rights and social issues, and many other national and international political issues that are of rapidly increasing importance.

Our understanding of the roles of the ancient Druid prompts us to follow them in an involvement in the academic, artistic and political arenas, as well as in purely spiritual and religious matters.

We invite interested individuals from our own Reconstructionist discipline as well as other practitioners of Druidism to join in our discussions. For those who are interested in formal initiation into the Order, participation in the WhiteOak list is a first step toward Fosterage in the Ord na Darach Gile (Order of the WhiteOak).

WhiteOak Druids Contact us at membership@whiteoakdruids.org

EOLAS Druid Magazine

EOLAS Druidic MagazineCatch up on the latest edition of EOLAS, a place of gathering, where we may come to speak and to share our wisdoms, to celebrate and discuss traditional lore as well as contemporary Druidic practice. EOLAS Magazine is currently on a hiatus, but we hope to return to bring it back in the near future.

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