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The Order of the White Oak - World Druid Organization (Ord na Darach Gile - Comhairle Domhanda na nDraoí) (hereinafter referred to as "The Order"), originally established in 1997 has led the way in a constructive dialogue of both Celtic Reconstructionist Paganism and Contemporary Druidism. Our tripartite mission is:

Membership in The Order provides access to the wealth of material from our Website which includes training materials necessary for a person to progress through a rank structure which is part of authentic Druidism.

The Order promotes Celtic Druidism, and is dedicated to the tradition of honouring the Deities of the Celtic realms of Ireland, Scotland, Cornwall, Wales, Isle of Man, and Brittany and Continental Europe. We also honour our heritage from our ancestors, and hold in reverence the gentle ecological balance which is Nature and the Spirits thereof.

The Annual Membership fee of $25.00 associated with The Order can be paid through Paypal­(tm) by clicking on the logo below. Those who can afford to contribute more are very welcome to do so.

Membership dues will be used toward the cost of maintaining our web space and other costs associated with our list and archives, for a "benevolence fund" to help fellow Druids in need, and for other charities and expenses that the Council of Elders may identify.

PLEASE NOTE: Do NOT send payment for Membership until AFTER you have contacted us. Hold onto your money until you are accepted to join the web forums or to attend a gathering, which is the first "step" towards Membership. Thank you.

Clicking the image to the left will open a seperate window to the WhiteOak PayPal account. PLEASE contact us first before sending money.
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